Sunday, November 14, 2010

what the kids call "Mobile Uploads"

so ive finally entered the 21st century and got myself a phone with a camera in it.  Indeed for hte past 6 years I have sported the cheapest, plainest phones on the market.  No point in anything other when it rings once a month.  Anyhoo, i got myself one of those smartphones and after an episode of major post-purchase dissonance (COMPLETELY not the phone's fault, but rather the utter EVIL that is Telstra, dear god I want to smash you in the face Telstra) I am off.  And it is awesome.  I got talked out of the iPhone which is probably another strike against my application with the Cool Kids (or is it cool to be different these days? i dont know. Cool is so confusing to me) but get to do pretty much everything those phone do, and apparently then some.  Which is all rather irrelevant anyway seeing as all Im going to ever realistically do is a few google searches, access the gps stuff and download apps that allow me ot funkify my photos*.

And funky photos are all the rage these days on facebook - hell anywhere - and why not seeing as the combination of my childlings and a 60s hue is MAGICAL.  This awesomeness and the lightweightedness of the phone (compared to the other beast of a camera) might make these 'Mobile Uploads' a dominating force on this blog. So below are a few pics of me testing it out.

*feel free to let me know about hte 'apps' i cant live without (android pretty much has everything apple has so dont hold back Cool Kids)

 rocco and the naught step. firm friends.

yesterday's christmas pageant. zero interest in the floats, total adoration of the fountains.

one could almost call them best mates. 

post baby chino face. i like to leave that monobrow there all day.  parenthood is totally awesome sometimes.

this little gem from my youth is not a grand as my mind remembers, but rather, is so bizarre and woeful that it possibly BETTER. Whilst we were too early for the lights and action (nightime falls after the boys bedtime is summer, oh how i love you summer) the Christmas display next to the West End Brewery still packs a punch.  And seeing as it is a 2 min drive from our house, I suspect we will collect many more photos.

part of the total awesomeness of the display is that it is a year round thing (with extra red pizazz added in November nad December), so you can see this doozy whenever. you. like. 

... that be the vulcan.

moby dick. he made a bid for freedom in the floods of 2005, but only managed to get so far as the Patawolunga

 so random.
totally hot.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


I basically wrote this post about 2 weeks ago. Meant to publish but WOAH all of a sudden I had a wedding to go to, and incredible dance moves to release onto the unsuspecting public. And it has taken some time to get my grip on reality again. These probably could have been a facebook updates, but I have a image ot maintain. Behold: thoughts from the last week

- I wonder what the long term affect of balsting Gaga and Beyonce when driving will have on my boys. Particularly when the only things they say are ‘More mama music’ and ‘Louder’.

- That puzzle piece best not be out in the rain. Search the house and garden as hard as i did, piece number 30 remains adrift and instinct tells me it is most likely bloating and warping in this torrential downpour. No biggie ordinarily (except against my sense of order which is a topic for me and my therapist) but it happens to belong to the toy effing library. Again. I swear the only time I lose pieces is when it has Burside Council stamped on the back of it.

- Why does the lid not stick to the super glue stick?

- What happened to skype. Been absent for a few weeks and... woah..

- Fact: 10 year old Nokias have a battery life of 10 minutes.

- Foxtel is basically 90% the same as the UK. More Aussie cricket though. That first game against India was excruciating.

- The surface of hte pool has be broken. Albiet very briefly nad involving a surfboard. And most definitely not by me.

- Is it wrong that my fav shows at the moment are: Vampire Diaries (oh yeah! New one in my hot little hand), Project Runway, Jersey Shore, Jamie at Home and Play School.

- How can you work when you are staying for 2 weeks right next to Selfridges?! SHOP, dear lord. SHHHHHOP!!

- Girl crush on marina (and the diamonds)

- What has happened to Bec? Please blog.

- Albums: I never do anymore. Under the weight of ridiculous amounts of digital music, playlists increasingly dominate. In fact, lately each year I reckon only 2 or 3 albums (in their entirety) make it with me. Is this due to old age + kids, or digital music gloriousness?

- Speaking of which – The xx. That album could be almost perfect.

- Not sure if i should resist the urge to have a week of mundane fbooking. You know. Telling them about my toast, the weather, what tv show im watching, when i go to the loo... etc.

- Toy Sory 3 final scene got me totally misty.

- Today:
‘Fred. Is Rocco a little girl or a little boy?’
‘widdle girl’
‘well no, look at him, he’s a little boy’
‘NO. Wocko widdle girl. Wocko: Girl.’

Oh in so many ways Fred you got it right.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pirate Ship was the highlight.

can i just say that the Royal Show was the most fun I have had in a long long time. Currently my time with Fred seems to be a lot of talking about cars and threatening time out if he throws another golf club into the pool. So a day out doing FUN things was so precious.

Leaving the Rock with his Aunty Livvy for a few hours, the Adeliade winter delivered a day to rival any day from London's summer last year. Fred had no comprehension of where we were going, having never been to anything like it, and amiss was the constant badgering for 10 showbags and 20 rides which are inevitible for any parent.  Lots of animals, bit of wood-chopping, one showbag and 2 rides and it was pretty much Fred's best day ever.  Almost 2 weeks on he is still asking to go back there. 

(have had some problems putting comments under the pics - plan to do when blogger stops being a WANKER, and will erase this if i do)

do not ask this kid to smile for the camera. it is painfully cute.


touching a snake. not sure i would have done that.

fred's idea of heaven on earth.

fred is seriously talented at this sort of thing. nowhere is her happier or more at home than RIDING something. He did laps round the other kid.

offering fred the hold of this little feather was somewhat precarious. all he wanted to do was pinch it. understandable really.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Let Me Re-Introduce Myself....

Dear people, I’m sorry for the slow descent into blog oblivion. Although I did start this thing 5+ years ago as a means to not bore my entire address book with group emails, I did decide to continue it on some level when I returned home. Mock me, as you all don’t hesitate to do, but it has become a rather nice record of my past 5 years. A diary that doesn’t exactly hit the heights of Judy Blume, but none-the-less adds a bit of detail to already-hazy events of the past, and something I wouldn’t mind continuing if only for those future years when Old Man Ligertwood has passed and I have nothing other to do that drink, smoke, take ecstacy and reminnise.

However, this plan of continuing to blog doesn’t seem to be going too well so far. Lets be honest - it has gone through a right shit patch. YES YOU ARE your brains must scream every time you see that Lamest Blog Ever title. I'm hoping this hiatus is something to do with the HUGE pile mundane I am currently trying to climb. Energy companies, communication providers, childcare and creche in our new area, kid-related programs, toy library cars overdue, and oh, just about a thousand boxes to unpack and a gazillion items to source (anybody got a spare tallboy? Or know where to find a large cutlery tray? Or what about glass repair? Bugger, I need a double adaptor.). But it is more likely that the blog is being flogged by something I can only vaguely recall from my youth: a social life. Whilst no exactly reaching the heights of summer 03/04, the addition of a few engagements with family and friends a week has greatly reduced my dedicated computer time. Which is no bad thing in many ways, I spent waaaay to much time with mr. internet, not a huge amount of which was productive. (But on the flip side, oh how I have missed you mr internet, with your decisive answers on which day is rubbish collection, locations of places to fix a knob on an amp, divulger of baby news and holder of footage of pre-vampire eric in a petrol fight. Let us never ever ever part again, I am at a loss how people survived before you. Total Loss.)

Hand-in-hand with the blog uselessness comes virtual email/fb silence. Whilst the majority of these ignored emails are housekeeping, there are a fair few from my peeps that I’m yet to get back to. I write this on here because my readership pretty much covers my peep-ship (between 4 and 6 people) so am hoping that a public apology and a ‘soon, soon’ will be suffice.

I have so much to tell you internet. So so much. None of it is particularly earth-shattring, neither is it particularly interesting. I, of course, have a few hundred photos of small ratbags to share, which im going to put at the top of my to-do list, as there are some people overseas chomping at the bit for a bit of Diddy and Frocko action. Indeed 3 months into our return (WhereTF did that go?) whilst I miss a lot about Londono, what I really miss is a few special people. My solitude of the last few years in London was no exaggeration, but the final year saw the introduction of a few people into our lives who are quite literally the best people I have ever met. The immense impact they made on our family, their dedication and love for my boys and the amazing things we shared together.. its making me go all teary just trying to find the words. And I simply can’t find ones with enough gravity or clarity. But it is safe to say that these incredible people turned my hardest year ever, into my most favourite year ever, and if I could somehow convince them to all move to Australia and live in my pocket, I would. So photos for them first up. Exciting photos too. Rocco’s 2nd birthday which due to travelling grandparents included 2 cakes, and the evolution of the joint-photo. Yes, a photo where the boys will pose together. In the same frame. For Example:

Amazing. Also coming up will be an explanation of what has happened for the past 3 months and where we are now. I suspect there might be a few reflective pieces coming also. Not only for the huge glut of photos sitting in my archives, but for sentimental reasons. So consuming has our return been, I haven’t really thought much about the past 5 years. Indeed that little paragraph above – perhaps my first refelction – set all sorts of little sparks going in my left hemisphere (thats the girly side – right?) and it’s probably a good thing to do before I forget. Although at a push right now, all I can think about is the boys jeans in H&M. Dear god I miss them. OH, and my Diana mug which Dave moved at the last minute so the packers didn’t pack it. Can’t. Even. Explain. Devastation. I screamed and then cried. Anyway, gotta go now as need to use all my internet capabilities to get the last three True Blood episodes downloaded ASAP.

Stay tuned, i promise a much better 3 months of blogging are on the way XXX