Sunday, November 14, 2010

what the kids call "Mobile Uploads"

so ive finally entered the 21st century and got myself a phone with a camera in it.  Indeed for hte past 6 years I have sported the cheapest, plainest phones on the market.  No point in anything other when it rings once a month.  Anyhoo, i got myself one of those smartphones and after an episode of major post-purchase dissonance (COMPLETELY not the phone's fault, but rather the utter EVIL that is Telstra, dear god I want to smash you in the face Telstra) I am off.  And it is awesome.  I got talked out of the iPhone which is probably another strike against my application with the Cool Kids (or is it cool to be different these days? i dont know. Cool is so confusing to me) but get to do pretty much everything those phone do, and apparently then some.  Which is all rather irrelevant anyway seeing as all Im going to ever realistically do is a few google searches, access the gps stuff and download apps that allow me ot funkify my photos*.

And funky photos are all the rage these days on facebook - hell anywhere - and why not seeing as the combination of my childlings and a 60s hue is MAGICAL.  This awesomeness and the lightweightedness of the phone (compared to the other beast of a camera) might make these 'Mobile Uploads' a dominating force on this blog. So below are a few pics of me testing it out.

*feel free to let me know about hte 'apps' i cant live without (android pretty much has everything apple has so dont hold back Cool Kids)

 rocco and the naught step. firm friends.

yesterday's christmas pageant. zero interest in the floats, total adoration of the fountains.

one could almost call them best mates. 

post baby chino face. i like to leave that monobrow there all day.  parenthood is totally awesome sometimes.

this little gem from my youth is not a grand as my mind remembers, but rather, is so bizarre and woeful that it possibly BETTER. Whilst we were too early for the lights and action (nightime falls after the boys bedtime is summer, oh how i love you summer) the Christmas display next to the West End Brewery still packs a punch.  And seeing as it is a 2 min drive from our house, I suspect we will collect many more photos.

part of the total awesomeness of the display is that it is a year round thing (with extra red pizazz added in November nad December), so you can see this doozy whenever. you. like. 

... that be the vulcan.

moby dick. he made a bid for freedom in the floods of 2005, but only managed to get so far as the Patawolunga

 so random.
totally hot.


Alex and Alex Aranchikov said...

oh that brewery display takes me back, waaaaaaaaay back.

I love the funky pics. true awesomeness. I have just downloaded all the pics from my iphone to the computer and will be blogalogging them soon too. Soooooo much Stella cuteness to match with Fred & Rocco ADOREABLENESS

Yah for more blog feather - its been too long. cannot blame having a life for lack of blog. must go hand in hand


Mezzle said...

In the past, my mild curiosity never developed into a need to actually see the brewery display in all its glory UP CLOSE. Thank you for setting things right H. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

ahha ha ha... ah god that whale made me laugh

p.j.r said...

that looks like the most terrifying and amazing place ever.

Geordy and Pete said...

heather. more mobile uploads please. now.

Beth said...

What the WHAT?! How have I missed this for the last 3 weeks?!! I'm kicking myself!

Oh, dear Heather. Keep up this amazing blog work! I love the pictures! The naughty step...amazing. Rocco is turning into quite the little bruiser, isn't he?


Please :)

p.j.r said...

Um, there definitely are NOT enough posts on this blog about how excited you are to see me. And Canada.

Mezzle said...

Yo H - BLOG IT UP! GET YOUR BLOG ON! Your public becomes restless.